Saturday, December 08, 2007

Festival Notes 5: Hanukkah traditions

So, with Teeny Tiny being a bit over 1 year old and just finding out Baby #2 is on his or her way, I am feeling frustrated with myself. Yet another holiday is halfway over, and I have done very little.

My Favorite and I sat down a few days before Hanukkah started and discussed what we could do. It was a conversation filled with my tears over the emotions I have with letting go of Santa and Christmas trees. The bottom line for me, I know what they stand for and I desire to honor HaShem more then my memories. But my memories are so strong! And they are attached to my family, who completely don't understand any of this. Nor will they unless Ha Shem grants them sight. Please Father!

That was a Friday ago. Hanukkah started Tuesday, and the worst flood that has ever hit this area came Monday. Since we evacuated our home near noon Monday and weren't able to get back in until Wednesday, I am trying not to be so hard on myself. I'm sure pregnancy hormones are not helping. Baruch HaShem, our house is fine. A little water under, a little water in the garage, but whole pumpkins still sitting on the porch. Did I mention I'm a little behind this year?!

Here are some ideas we had and/or gathered:
  • Creating 8 envelopes with different activities for each night (from
    • Reading books from the library
    • Only eating potato latkes and special donuts during this week
    • Making decorations the day before or the first day of hanukkah
    • Making menorah cards for our home group (we did this last year and hope to make it a tradition)
    • Inviting friends and/or family
    • Dreidel:
      • I thought it might be fun to earn gelt in the days or weeks leading to Hanukkah by family members noticing the things one another do right/good/well. Not sure how this would work with the idea of not doing things to be seen...but it is a work in progress
    • A scripture a day maybe?
We would like to home school our children, so these envelopes could have a scripture reading, a fun book reading, a craft, a good deed, and a food per day. Maybe a game. Some things we do as a family when my Favorite gets home, others to do throughout the day. Does that show how ignorant I am of what is possible or sane to accomplish in one day? :0)

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