Friday, February 08, 2008

Her Resume

I read this comment on by JavaBean just last night:
Parents also say to me, “Oh I admire you doing that [homeschool]. I could never teach my own child! It would drive me crazy.” Who taught her to walk? Who taught her to talk? Who taught her to tie her shoes and catch a ball? Parents begin teaching their child at birth, why hand them over for someone else to teach just because they are 5?
That coupled with my recent post on my goals for Teeny Tiny's future made me start thinking of all the things she has learned already. If only we continued to learn that quickly!

1st week:
  • How to breath air
  • How to filter light, cold, and noise
  • How to cry (and cry and cry)
  • How to eat
  • What it means to be hungry (okay, she still doesn't totally understand this concept, but it started here)
  • How to find mama
  • How to track
  • How to fill a diaper
Since then, how to:
  • Sleep (it took forever but she's pretty good now)
  • Grab things
  • Roll over
  • Laugh
  • Smile
  • Get attention
  • Get fed
  • Sit up
  • Stand up
  • Walk
  • Fall
  • Enjoy animals (next is learning that you can't lay on all animals)
  • Eat solids
  • Chew
  • Survive teething
  • Point
  • High Five
  • A bit of sign language
  • Call Mama's name/make her run with joy
  • Basic language skills
    • "boo"
    • "Ow"
    • "Ma" = more
    • "Koo Koo" = sound a train makes
    • "Kay koo" = thank you
    • "Book" or "A Books"
    • "Hi"
    • "Bye Bye" (to be said when hanging up the phone, leaving a room, leaving one spot on the floor for another, leaving the presence of a stranger who just walked by...)
    • Many animal sounds: "meow" "baa" "moo" "neigh" "arf, arf" "ee, ee" "buck, buck"
    • "Ts that?" = what is that?!
    • "buka" = broken
    • "Ni night"
    • "Enty" = Empty
    • Family names
    • "Poopy poopy poopy!"
    • "mamadada" our favorite name
  • Scribble
  • Drool
  • Sing...or something like it
  • Run
  • Run into things
  • Climb
  • Find something to help her climb
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Cuddle
  • Get anyone to read books to her for hours
  • Get grandparents to do anything she wants
  • Use a spoon (work in progress)
  • Use a fork
  • Play by herself
  • Not play by herself
  • Ask to go to bed
  • Get up by saying up, get down by saying up
  • Get any adult to follow her, "Hand?"
  • Brush teeth/suck toothpaste off toothbrush
  • Be absolutely the most beautiful, funny, curious daughter we've ever had
And that is just what I remember.


Her Favorite said...

Don't forget Headbutt and "Crack it"

Rose said...

Hehe, how could I have?! Now she says oww before our heads even meet. Silly little girl.