Monday, August 02, 2010

Uses for branches... how fun!

My Favorite is cutting down a tree that, unfortunatly, had to be cut. So with all the branches in our yard, I wanted to see what was out there for crafts with branches. Will I do any? I don't know, but they all are so fun!

This is the picture that started all the madness. I have wanted curtains in my front room for 4 years now. But nothing I find fits the style I haven't figured out yet :) I love this. Hopefully we can make some of the branches work! Just google "tree branch curtain rod," it is posted everywhere, although I first saw it on Threadbanger's Decor it yourself, from Apartment Therapy. (threadbanger is a sewing video show, inspirational for DIY clothes, but not modest anything)

I thought this would be great for fall decor, maybe even the Shabbat table. I can see it full of found objects, acorns, fall leaves, pine cones, rocks.

Google "Childhood magic, tree branch tea set" and then make sure to hit the cached button, as the site is gone now.
Do the same for "Childhood magic, tree branch blocks"

A series of pictures using fallen branches/trees (the last picture is little boys w/o clothes, but they blurred anything unmentionable)

These Martha Stewart ideas are a bit out of my league for the moment, but I love the tables and even the wall.

These wall hooks are great fun too.

Wooden buttons anyone?

Thanks for indulging my day dreaming!

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