Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crafts... been too long

I have been horrible about doing crafty things with my girls, really since #2 was born (2 years ago!). I don't know that I am "back" but we're getting a good dose this week while Daddy is away.

I had a stack of egg cartons and went to The Crafty Crow to find some inspiration. This post was the winner, with two crafts being made. One we did together, the other I am doing myself. So relaxing... well, the one I am doing myself at least. Definitely need to work on not getting stressed by mess, yikes!

Our apples:

These are so much cuter then I expected!
My sunflowers:

Obviously a work in progress

Thinking I wanted a fun bowl to put the apples in, I went looking on Kids Craft Weekly and found this. I chose 3 different greens going for a natural look... but got an army hat instead. So, #1 went and got some fall colored tissue paper, and I cut out three different leaf shapes for the top layer. It will probably take 10 years to dry, but every 30 sec she said, "We love to paint, don't we? Isn't this fun?!" Yeah, more to come, how can a mama resist that enthusiasm?

Maple, oak and ginko leaves... very, very wet!

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