Wednesday, October 13, 2010

School Days

All my school plans changed at the end of summer when we borrowed Rod and Staff's preschool workbooks. I've kind of struggled with them, they aren't exactly the fun experience I envisioned and so much more rigid in their learning style.

But every time I whine to God (not suggested by the way :), He shows me all the good that is in them and the wisdom of my husband for choosing them. Very quickly, using the books showed me that my daughter does not like to obey or do a good job unless she has decided something is worth doing and fits in her definition of fun. Right away, God showed me how not meek and quiet I am when I do not immediately get the results I expect when I ask for them. Hmm, sound like a family trait?

I also found myself very thankful on many occasions that I can open the book and help her work on it, no planning required. I'm pregnant and I don't have the energy I'd always like to have. But I don't have any quilt for not getting around to school time because it is easy.

Now I'm trying to also include #2 daughter because she needs to learn and because my husband said I need to work with her. Got to be honest, right? Yesterday was the first day I tried and, whew, its hard. Today was even harder. My brain really likes to concentrate on one thing at a time, but little ones want to do things at the same time as their bigger siblings. Meek and quiet, meek and quiet, long suffering and not easily provoked... who is homeschooling for again?

I would like to post what we are doing throughout the week, but we shall see what actually happens, k?

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torahgirl said...

I love your blog!! This description of homeschooling two little ones was eye opening for me... my experience so far, with younger siblings and occasionally tutoring, has been mostly high schoolers... and I forget what it must be like to start out with small children. I'm a perfectionist already, so I can see homeschooling is going to be more of a challenge than I thought!
What do you think about pre-birth and newborn teaching? Did you read to your children before they were born? I've heard a lot about the effectiveness of praying or reading to babies.
Keep up the good work! You're really an encouragement to me. :)