Sunday, April 03, 2011

The 10 Plagues

I am preparing for talking about the plagues that lead up to passover. These are simply my notes.
  1. Water into blood; 7:14-25 (Magicians reproduced this plague)
  2. Frogs; 8:1-15 (Magicians reproduced this plague)
  3. Gnats or lice; 8:16-19 (Magicians could not reproduce this plague and admitted it was by the hand of God)
  4. Flies; 8:20-32 (God made a distinction between His people and Egypt, no flies in Goshen. Pharaoh almost gives in.)
  5. Livestock die; 9:1-7 (God made a distinction between His people and Egypt, no Israelite livestock dies.)
  6. Boils/sores; 8:8-12 (Magicians couldn't even stand)
  7. Hail; 9:13-35 (God tells Pharaoh how to protect His people from this plague. Some servants fear God, some don't. No hail in Goshen. Pharaoh admits he has sinned.)
  8. Locusts; 10:1-20
  9. Darkness; 10:21-29
  10. Death of the firstborn; 12:29
I found a site years ago that showed a mom who had an activity for each plague. I did most of them last year and at least I thought it was fun! Go here to see what she did for Passover. Here is what I used:

  1. Blood - red food coloring in anything with water (toilet, water bottle), wonder if red egg dye could be put in faucets so water coming out of it was red?
  2. Frogs - plastic frogs placed all over, even in food
  3. Gnats or lice - rice (messy, but fun anyway)
  4. Flies - plastic flies everywhere
  5. Livestock die - stuffed and plastic animals everywhere on floors
  6. Boils/sores - the stickers you put on 3 hole punch holes to strengthen them (look like donuts) on dolls, parents and sleeping kids if you can
  7. Hail - practice golf balls, throw lots of them around the room (cotton balls make good snowballs, a possible alternative)
  8. Locusts - can't remember what I did! Maybe plastic grasshoppers?
  9. Darkness - blindfolds, night activities
  10. Death of the firstborn - not an appropriate plague to act out really
I try to do these over the 10 days before Passover. The original plagues actually took much longer, with days between some of them, but that doesn't seem important.

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