Monday, March 24, 2008

Festival Celebration: Purim

So, yeah, we did nothing. Kinda sad about that. Our congregation had a Purim celebration with the reading of the Book of Esther, costumes, finger foods, prizes and carnival games. The weekend before, our kids group made simple groggers for drowning out you-know-who's name. But the celebration started late at night, a half our from our home. I decided that it was just too late for Teeny Tiny, seeing as how she wouldn't really sit for the reading and then it would be a little, if not well, past her bed time by the time games started. But I think it was just as much too late for me. I'm pretty tired these days, and the thought of running after a little one just didn't seem...well, I guess I am just lazy. I don't necessarily regret not going, but I'm sad it wasn't really at a time that worked for my young growing family.

I didn't even remember that the day before was a fast though, until I read FFOZ's blog post yesterday. Oops. Here's to getting my act together next year.

I am going to post something I started months ago, and never finished. Obviously, it is too late for this year, but it will be out in the abyss of the cyber world for anyone who needs it next year. Whether or not I get my act together!

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