Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sad reality

I watched a movie tonight. "The Devil Wears Prada." Yeah, I know, how more pointless of a movie could I have chosen?! But, to be honest, a small, very very tiny part of me enjoys movies like that. Where the frumpy girl gets to be the head turning, knock out. If you could skip the part in the middle where she has to sell her entire self and scoot straight to where she walks away, still a head turner, that is.

Maybe it is just being pregnant, but wouldn't any girl like to be a head turner for a day?

In the end though, I'd so much rather be the pregnant mama of the most beautiful little girl, wife to a man whom I can't even describe, he's so wonderful. I can be more then content in that role. That I know how to do. Now if they would just come home so I could kiss them both and share this kicking baby with them.

Thanks makers of silly hollywood movies for reminding me that I don't, and never really have, wanted a empty life. I'm just embarrassed to admit that sometimes I need to watch them to remember that. Yuck.

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