Saturday, November 08, 2008


Ever since my first trip to Mexico in 2000, adoption has been a flicker in my heart. Is it for us? How can we not? Is it His will? Now, in 10 years, never? It has been coming up again lately, and I just want to lay this before you Lord. What does it mean? What do you want from us? I dearly love my babies, and it breaks my heart that there are little ones (or not so little ones) out there who do not have that love around them, or even worse, are living in the midst of hate. I look at how frustrated I get at my two joys and wonder how I could ever even give them enough of what they deserve, let alone others. Please guide my heart, my attitude, our finances, our goals to be ready for whatever you will call this family to. Help me weed out the junk in my daily life that doesn't matter and is in the way.

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