Saturday, September 29, 2007

Things to do

I have to do list all over the house, and all packed away in my mind. Here are a few things regarding God that I have on my to do list:

1. Research the holidays: This was our first year being Torah observant and like all things I do, it started out strong and fast, and then things got left behind. I would like to look at the holidays, put them in my calendar (or print FFOZ's!) and be prepared ahead of time for fasting, Sabbaths, and traditions. I want them to be a joy for my Teeny Tiny and my Favorite.

2. Research prayer: I would like to break down the different moedim (i think that's the right word) into something that is more readable then the siddur. I keep wanting to use it, but I look at it and just get overwhelmed by the tiny writing and length.

3. Read the weekly Torah Portion: My Favorite wanted us to read it at the end of every Shabbat for the next week, but we never did. I would like to make that a priority. Somehow that means we have to be home at the end of Shabbat though...

4. Figure out how to read the word to a 1 year old without using children's bible stories that take some serious license. But she can't even sit still through a few lines of psalms.

These are not in the order I should focus on them, just in the order they came to mind!

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