Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homeschool - Score!

I got invited to go with another homeschooling mom to a local used curriculum sale. I was just going mostly for the ride, there wasn't anything I was necessarily looking for. I also get a little overwhelmed by mass garage sale type events, even garage sales make me a little nervous. I took $28 and some change with me. Here is what I came home with, yikes! So fun!

Books for the kiddos: $2.50

Manipulative/art/music: $5.00

Our oldest is just now noticing the clock. I got this one for 50 cents. I like the 5, 10, 15... markers, but didn't realize you can't just place the hands, you have to go around the clock just like a real one. The geoboards and oil pastels are totally from my childhood. And the music is because "bible" songs were NOT a part of my childhood!

Just for me: $1.00

I'm really fascinated by real people of the faith, I don't know any of their history. They are not adult reading :)


(sorry, couldn't get it to rotate) I've been waiting for Proverbs for Parenting for a long while on Paper Back Swap, so I was thrilled with this one. I already had Power of a Praying Wife, figured this would be a nice addition. I had never heard of the wife book from Doorposts, but I like their stuff. And after nap time today, the tag line "Help Despite the Hassles, for Mothers of young children" seemed um, necessary.

Curriculum: $15
The Animals science book was suggested by one of the gals I went with. The Pearables Character Building was suggested by Hadassah of Gypsy Soul, so I thought I'd try it out! And the Five in a Row are my favorite find. I wasn't planning on buying these, although I liked their preschool book. My oldest just doesn't seem interested in anything very strongly. But when I saw the first for $5, and my friend found the other for $20 and the owner dropped to $5, I was in. They are $35 each brand new.

Free: the price of being there when no one wants to load everything back up
Not pictured: A xyron laminator. Hope I can make it work and I like it! Price was perfect though.

Grand Total: $30.25

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