Saturday, May 08, 2010

Skirt wearing adventures

We went to our congregation this morning, ate and then hopped in the car. Most Shabbat afternoons we spend driving, since our congregation is about 30 minutes from home and last long enough to be into nap time. So we drive, and the girls sleep.

But today, they woke up at the beach. How fun! My Favorite decided I would like that, and of course I did! I was totally not ready for a beach trip, no sunscreen or snacks or beach clothes, or jackets. But I appreciated his spur of the momentness and got over myself. It was a beautiful day, we found a jacket for our youngest in the car, and then I realized how windy it was.

I am still working on being a skirt wearer. I am much more comfortable in them then pants. But wind? Hmm, you have to plan the right skirt for windy weather. I've learned that the hard way (praise God, no one was around me for that moment!) And what I was wearing to church today was far from wind proof!

God gave me a great idea though. I grabbed an extra hair rubber band I had seen in the diaper bag, took a corner of my skirt up in like a ponytail, and wrapped the band around it. tadah! Wind proofed skirt. Thanks Abba for not letting that rubber band get lost, we had a great, unembarrasing day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. When we have windy days, I aim for heavy weight denium. But I still wear jeans for mowing the lawn and linen pants for hiking. Can't wait to see those beaches. :)

His Talmidat said...

I've always lived here, so maybe we'll have to take you to the beach so I can see your reaction to it :) Washington beaches aren't like most beaches, or at least that's how it seems. A little grayer, a little colder, but very beautiful.