Monday, May 10, 2010

Whole Chicken

I haven't cooked a whole chicken before, but today is the day. My Favorite found this recipe for me, and I have it all set up to go in the oven. I didn't have celery for the mire poix, but added garlic pieces and mushrooms (as some of the commentors tried). I don't have any white wine, which everyone says is a must, so we'll see if I ask My Favorite to pick some up on the way home or not. I also didn't have a big enough cast iron pan. We love cast iron, and I use it almost exclusively. But one of the commenters used a roasting pan so I'll have to go with that. I'm nervous! Isn't that silly?! I just so hate to mess up, and especially food.

That is a lot of "didn't have" so we shall see.

Here's a picture of it raw... ew. May it look much better when it is done!

RESULTS: There's no picture because we devoured it. So good! Seriously, really good. And the potatoes, carrots, onions, and mushrooms... unbelievable folks. This is a keeper for sure.

I did put garlic under the skin, and forgot that I brined it prior to finding the recipe, so that may have contributed. I have my first attempt at stock bubbling behind me, and all the extra chicken waiting to be shredded and tucked into the freezer.

Ultimate proof of its goodness: my youngest ate it. She actually let meat touch her lips and asked for more. She eats nothing, so that was a nice gift from God for us.

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