Saturday, May 01, 2010


Our oldest daughter has been pretending to ride horses for a few weeks. Then today, we went and watched my niece in her first fair experience as a horse rider, so the horse interest has amped a bit. Even if it just lasts a short while, I wanted to learn something now that we've "noticed" horses. If she is like her mama, or many little girls out there, this will probably not be the only time she's a little horse crazy!

I googled for preschool horse lapbook, and this blog started my thinking. I still haven't figured out if lapbooks are a waste of time period, a waste of time for a 3 1/2 year old, or simply not something this girl is interested in. But for now, I'll keep trying every once in a while, since I have always liked cutting and pasting things together to look nice. So some, or all, of this may totally bomb. The books I have on hold she'll love, simply because they are books!

Some components I printed out:
Horse diagram
Facial markings (probably too difficult, but handwriting practice anyway)
Horse gaits (probably too difficult, but hopefully I can find something on youtube to make it more real)

Just for Fun
Make your own word search (I used the words: horse, hoof, tail, mane, ride, saddle, mare, foal, pony)

We'll start all this as soon as enough books show up at the library.

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