Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Books about babies

We've been reading books to Teeny Tiny about babies. We had a couple recommendations from the VBAC class we went to, and then I came across one at the library.

Hello Baby, by Lizzy Rockwell is a nice one. About an older brother helping get ready for the new baby. It talks about the baby inside, how it eats, how it kicks, how it grows. The only thing I didn't love was that it says that the Dr. is the one that helps the baby be born. From my perspective, the mom does most of the work! But it was written with a specific Dr in mind, so that is kinda neat. It talks about breastfeeding too, instead of bottle feeding, which I liked since that is what we do.

I used to be the Baby, by Robin Ballard is much shorter, more Teeny Tiny's attention span. Again it is about a big brother learning what a little brother does/needs. It has a picture of doing the wrong thing (feeding jam toast when baby is hungry) and the words and 2nd picture show the big brother helping out. [Teeny is currently flipping through this book mentioning Bebees and wings/swings, books, very cute]

Arthur's Baby got sent back to the library immediately. His sister DW has the worst attitude I have ever seen in a book character. Neither of us liked it. Kids might really be like that, but it isn't something I need to expose Teeny Tiny to outside of real life.

Babies Can't Eat Kimchee!, by Nancy Patz and Susan L. Roth, was one I accidentally found at the library. The pictures are beautiful, a colloge and ink drawing of sorts. It is about a big sister being slightly irritated that babies can't do anything. Then she talks about all the things she will teach her little sister when she grows up. Very cute.

Mama Do You Love Me?, by Barbara M Joosse is one we purchased. The only one that is a board book. It doesn't really deal with babies at all, but with the idea that a mama will love her kid no matter what. Even if they put stinky fish in her mucklucks or turn into a ferouscious bear. No matter how angry they are, mamas love their babies.

My only complaint really is that I can't find any that aren't written for siblings who are 4 years older then the coming baby. Teeny Tiny can't do most of the things the big kids in the books help with, nor have the comprehension of what it means to help out. Oh well, never know what they are soaking in!

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