Thursday, April 17, 2008

Festival Celebration: Passover/Unleavened Bread 3

Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. How much chametz can one little house have?!

My Favorite saw that I needed some time off and our family is taking a week and half off of going anywhere. What are we doing with our time? Cleaning! Tuesday night he moved the chair in the bedroom, the fridge and the stove so I could clean. While I did that, he cleaned out the top cabinets.

Wednesday I finished the bottom cabinets and all the drawers, he finished the few upper cabinets that needed it.

Today I cleaned out the flour canisters (almost forgot those!), the utensil holder that was a jar of flour, the fridge (took so long, eww.), and the diaper bag. So far. The kitchen looks like a disaster area. I still need to get behind and under everything on the counters, the car and inside the garbage cans. oooh, and the toaster!

Thank you my wonderful husband for making this possible. I obviously couldn't do it without you. That applies to the chametz in my heart as well, I praise HaShem for your support.

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