Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Education for 2 year old

I suddenly found a ton of info on working with 2 year olds. Some costs money, some does not. One site (a for-sale product) mentioned that teaching and lesson planning is her spare time hobby. That kind of excited me. I need a hobby. I like the idea of planning. I have at least one if not 2 or 3 people in my life who have gone to school for lesson planning. I really do like to learn. And if I plan to home educate, well, I best be loving doing this!

But at the same time, do I want to spend all that time if someone else has already? Money and planning time vs. Money and less planning time. Hmm.

Here is some of the stuff I found so far (I will try to make the headings links, but the address will be at the end too because links don't work for me. Update: the 1st time I tried, they all worked!):

Activities in a Bag - A product/book on making activity bags. The idea sounds cool, $ not so sure about,

Before Five in a Row - Haven't looked at it yet,

Brightly Beaming Resources - A bunch of free curriculum/lesson plans. They have stuff for kids 3 mths to age 11. Fairly basic, but at this age, basic is what it is. Covers everything from letters to music to excersize. And bible reading! I have only looked at Brightly Beaming Baby, Toddler, Preparatory Curriculum, and Letter of the Week. So far, I like that it at the very least makes me more aware of the teaching moments (which is every moment) of the day.

Brighter Vision - I know nothing, but I don't want to have to figure out which site I saw this as a suggestion. A monthly fee and package.

Hands on Homeschooling -  I started to look at this. $80 for 2 year old curriculum, $45 for idea book where you have to make the plans. Could I do the same thing with the library and internet?

Homeschool for Preschool - A site with tips and encouragment,

Keep The Way - A personal blog of a mom homeschooling her preschoolers, just found it yesterday,

Kids Craft Weekly - An email newsletter that I love. Teeny Tiny is still too young to do most, but could be a great way of including crafts for a specific theme.

Perpetual Preschool - Not sure what this is at all but saw that they had Passover ideas, so worth looking at,

Preschool Activities -  Planning on making some activity bags with my SIL,

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