Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Festival Celebration: Passover/Unleavened Bread 2

So I got a little behind. Visited family out of town, keeping the regular every-day maintenance up (more or less :0( and napping a lot. Oh, and researching a doula and VBAC info and taking a VBAC class and reading childbirth books... life goes fast.

I finally got around to reading FFOZ's blog post titled "Cleaning for Pesach: In Your Home and Heart." It was both encouraging and made me realize I might not get it all done again. Because Passover starts sundown after a Shabbat, they said everything needs to be cleaned out by Thursday, April 17th. Yikes, that is next Thursday. The point is that it is tradition (I don't remember it being biblical) to burn the chametz the day after cleaning, and you can't burn on Shabbat. So they are burning theirs on Friday morning. Sigh.

But there was a section that really hit home and helped me re-think my plans:

Another good tip is to remember that dirt is not chametz. People sometimes spend so much time cleaning dirt... that they waste all their energy on the dirt. But by the time it comes to cleaning chametz, all their energy is spent and it becomes a laborious burden. Don't weight yourself down. Just be sure to clean out the chametz; dirt is optional.
I always think of it as spring cleaning. And it could be, and might be in future years. Right now, this took a weight off my back. And hopefully I will continue to organize after I finish the chametz cleaning, but at least I could get that done.

Today, I cleaned out the pantry. We decided (and maybe I already mentioned this) that if something is potentially leavening (ex. pasta) but is in its original package, we won't throw it out. We won't eat it that week either, but if it can't get wet, it can't leaven.

Left to do:
  • Car?
  • Diaper bag
  • Fridge (in, behind, under)
  • Oven (in, behind, under)
  • Couches (I do this more often now for animal hair anyway)
  • Bed (under, make again Thursday)
  • Around bedroom?
  • Kitchen (tupperware drawer, 7 cupboards, one drawer)

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