Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chanukah in Spring

I was looking through the new kids books at the library today, looking for any about new babies and big sisters. I did find one, but I also found one about Chanukah called "Letter on the Wind: A Chanukah Tale" by Sarah Marwill Lamstein. I grew up hearing the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" but the pretty watercolor cover caught my eye. (and yes, I realize that the judging phrase was probably meant to instruct not to judge someone based on their apperance, but seriously, I always thought it was literally about books).

I saw quickly that it had way to many words per page for Teeny Tiny to sit through, but not for me, and not for her in the future. So home it came. I just read it while listening to her as she finally fell asleep. What do I think?

I really liked it actually. I say actually because the few Chanukah books I have read are fine and all, but they rarely ever talk about God, Ha Shem. They talk of menorahs, olive oil, battles, latkes, family and friends, the mighty Macabee group, and miracles. But never is there a word about who instructed the Isrealites in the building of the menorah, in the use of olive oil, who the King of the army was, why those following Macabee wouldn't bow to an earthly man, nor Who made the miracle possible. 

This one does. It isn't about the first Chanukah, but about trusting in Ha Shem to provide our needs. Even when we have nothing, even when others think we are ridiculous, even when they think we are wrong and sinful. I was very impressed. And the pictures were pretty the whole way through. I'd read it again, I might even buy it someday.

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