Friday, May 02, 2008

Potty Training

Arghhhhh! This parenting stuff is so hard to figure out.

A few months ago, I've lost track, Teen Tiny walked up to My Favorite and said "Poo Poo" with a grunt. Since then we have been potty training. Sort of.

Today I had to admit I'm not being very diligent about it. More so then before the above moment in time, but not enough to say it really isn't working because of her.

She has no fears of the toilet, pee, poop or being wet. Three of the 4 are good, and I am seriously thankful for them. 1 of the 4 is the issue.

I get tired of being in the bathroom all the time. So does she. I don't want it to turn into an argument or negative thing. Therefor, I don't always keep up with the training. Especially if we are going somewhere. Unless she asks.

I give her a penny for going pee and 2 pennies for going poo poo. Does she care? Most of the time no. Once her cousin got excited about it, Teeny Tiny started asking for them when she went. But sometimes she doesn't. Is it helping? I don't know. Hurting? I doubt it.

Here is my plan of attack:
  • Take at least 2 weeks off
  • Get mattress pad
  • Research what to do about carseat
  • Sanitary wipes for diaper bag, in case we are out and have an accident
  • Start, 24-7, no diapers (night time? nap time?)
  • Stay home unless I have to go somewhere
  • Every 15 minutes, 20 if she goes
  • 5 min or under on timer while sitting
  • She gets off toilet as soon as she goes
  • Continue penny reward and/or
  • Try M&M reward
  • Go right when she wakes up, right before goes to sleep
  • Pack suitcase with clothes (for her and me)
  • Know where the bathroom is everywhere I go
After setting this as the plan, I put Teeny Tiny down for a nap. 15 minutes later, still not asleep, she calls for me. And tells me her feet are "icky." I think she is trying to get up :0) Then she says "pee pee." Oh. So, off to the potty we go. And so does she, right away.


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