Saturday, October 04, 2008

No time!

I didn't start being a housewife, as in taking care of our home, until I had been married 2 years and had a 1 month old daughter. So I've had to learn a lot these last two years, and I constantly feel behind. Behind what I'm not sure, but behind something that is ahead of me and driving me crazy!

I am also very slow. It seems to take me longer then most to do even simple things. Part of it is what I grew up around, I think, and part of it is my day dream mindset. I find myself changing a diaper and I can't tell you how long I was standing there doing it.

Which all translates to me not getting much done. Or feeling like i'm not getting much done. So there are not a lot of posts here. But in the scheme of getting the things done HaShem has for me to do in a day, that might not be a bad thing!

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