Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur and His provision

The economy took another huge dive today. I wouldn't have known except my ever diligent husband pays attention to these things. I feel like I am doing well in trusting HaShem, vs. worrying. My brain is, however, trying to figure out if there is anything I can do right now, as well as imagine what the future brings. My friend and I came up with a stress-relieving plan that we agreed not to tell our husbands until things were REALLY bad. Hehehe, praise HaShem for friends!

Anyway, in looking for the meaning of Jonah's name, I came across this paragraph on a site for an English speaking Israeli radio show. I have not looked at the site at all, but this paragraph was a great reminder in light of the times:

This Yom Kippur, as we stand in synagogue in fasting and prayer for this next year, let us not look to presidents, friends or allies to protect us. Let us take our eyes away from the White House, the International Community, or the Knesset to save us. Instead, let us look UP. To the only ONE, the Master of the Universe, the only one who we can trust in, the only one who has, and can, save us.

May we gird ourselves with the knowledge and strength that G-d is there, if only we call upon Him, and may we not feel defeatism. May we gird ourselves with trust, not fear. Truth, not convenient lies. May we appoint G-d, the KING of all kings, over us. And may we walk in righteousness to do His will, bring justice to this world, and improve our ways on the personal and more general levels. from here

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