Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So dissapointing

I am so frustrated by this! Maybe if I write it out I won't struggle with it as much.

I love reading. I could do it all day and I can do it fast. I don't see words, but pictures in my mind. That is, until I get to scripture.

Suddenly, I find myself skipping over the scripture verse to get to the author's thoughts on it. Not good! What they say means nothing, but God's word - everything! (although the post used above is quite nice)

I have to physically force myself to read each word, and go back and start again if my mind's eye glasses over. And I love His word! And I don't know it nearly as well as I could if I had read all those passages instead of skipping them. ARrrgh!

* Thanks Tavita's Purse for the blog to take a screen shot of :0) I was reading this wonderful post when I finally got fed up with this struggle of mine.

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