Monday, February 02, 2009

30 Day Husband Encouragment Challenge: Day 1

I happen to love the book "Lies women Believe and the Truth that Sets them Free" by Nancy DeMoss. It was one of the first books I got last week in my experimenting with paperbackswap, just so I can have it on hand. Well, it turns out Miss DeMoss has a 30 day husband encouragment challenge on her site, and I'm going to try.

I heard about it on My Pursuit Of..., a blog I found because of Before Five in a Row (BFIAR). So Robin took the challenge along with a friend. I don't know either of them, but know it is a challenge that could only be good.

Here are the rules:

* You can't say anything negative about your husband your husband...or to anyone else, about your husband.
* Say something that you admire or appreciate about your your husband...and to someone else, about your husband! (I'm assuming this means you should say something)

Yeah, read that again. NOTHING negative to anyone. I can't tell you how long I sat there looking at the rules thinking, "Yeah, I know that's what God wants... but could I actually do it? Do I really want to take that on?"

I am incredibly negative. More so then even I realize. Now, I don't think it will be hard not to say anything negative about My Favorite, he is pretty amazing. I couldn't have ever dreamed of any man as perfect for me as him. But to give you an idea of what kind of a challenge this is, I'll let you know me nickname used to be Eeyore.

Well, may this be a new start to a grumpy whiney heart.

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