Monday, January 05, 2009

Activity Success!

Today has gone much better then expected. Teeny Tiny woke up before we went to bed, drenched in sweat. My Favorite helped her change her clothes and cuddled with her while I changed the sheets. She fell right to sleep, but woke up around 7:00 am which was too early, especially because she felt sick. She didn't argue when I told her to go back to sleep.

When she woke up smiling at 8, we cuddled on the couch and read books. Kitten (our 5 mth old daughter :0) joined us when she woke up, although all she wanted was to eat the books. Just like her big sister did!

Teeny had seen the basket of activities and kept wanting to try them, so we set up in the front room after sending her Cow (2 yr old ACD pup) outside. I don't have a work rug that is used in Montessori work, but like the idea, so used a blanket. It was not a good choice, as it moved around too easily when Teeny did.

First I got out the Toy Outline matching I had put together. I didn't have a drawstring bag, but put the items in a huge pillowcase. Not the best, but it worked for today.

She loved it! It was really easy for her, but she was proud of matching them all up. The first time I just had her grab something out and match it to the card. We did that twice. Then I laid out a card and she had to find that item in the bag without looking. Not a problem at all. So this might actually be too easy, but we'll play with it again since it is new.

She wanted to play with the car, for about 30 seconds, before she came looking for something else. So I got out the Hard/Soft Sorting. I had put only 3 of each in a basket, but ended up using everything from the pillowcase too. Reading Chasing Cheerios helped me remember to watch her face as she sorted, and it was actually fun to see her thinking.
It took her only a few seconds to figure it out, then she grabbed item after item putting them in the right bowl. "Hard. Soft. Hard, right?" That's how she does everything. "I like chockit, right?" So cute!

On to the next activity! I had pulled 5 sets of matching Dora cards out of Teeny's Dora game (she doesn't even know who Dora is yet) and showed her how to lay them out and then match them. Again, really easy for her. But that is good to know.

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