Monday, January 05, 2009

Puzzle re-tried

Almost forgot! I only got her to do one, but thought I'd risk trying the recycled box puzzles again. But this time I put her in front of the computer where I brought the picture of the completed puzzle up, so she could see what I wanted her to do. I hadn't had time to print them yet. It worked!

Here's what she did:
Took one look at the picture.
Picks up top piece, "This goes hee-ya" (here) and puts it on the ground.
Picks up bottom piece, "This goes hee-ya" and puts it below the top piece, with a bit of space between them
(Picks up the final piece) "Hee-ya!" and puts it on top of the bit of space!

There wasn't enough room for that third piece, so it wasn't exactly together, but I could see that she totally got it! Good work Teeny!

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