Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Do: Jan 13

Sometimes I just need to see that I did something more then wash dishes:
  1. Processed block of cheese (shredded for freezer)
  2. Paid comcast bill (before bill went into the pit that is our desk!)
  3. Prepared letter activity: D dragon w/ potato stamp
  4. "Exercised" with Teeny and Principessa (Italian for "princess," our 4 yr old niece)
  5. Let Teeny rinse breakfast dishes
  6. Prepared calendar through April
  7. Read a few chapters out of a real book
Today was the first time Teeny had ever asked to help with dishes, at least since she could actually reach the sink. So yeah, that is part of the daily washing dishes, but I was excited to remember she is so capable of doing things!

Okay, I got a lot done today actually! See why I write it out? It's a lot more fun to do after I finish, rather then before.

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