Monday, January 19, 2009

Handmade Alphabet

I have wanted to make these frozen juice lid magnets for so long. I got the idea, I don't know where actually. My head? But we don't buy frozen juice concentrate, so I asked my dad to save his. Turns out they don't buy it often anymore either, but thanks to the SGD Syndrome (Second Generation Depression Syndrome, coined by My Favorite :0) my dad has, he happened to have a whole bag of them in the garage. So off I went!

Each magnet is a magazine cutout of the letter. I love cutting pictures or scraps out of magazines, for some reason it is incredibly relaxing to me. My Favorite just laughs when he sees me sitting amidst a pile of magazines and a cloud of paper scraps. Anyhow, I was hoping that these would be prettier and more fun then the plastic version. I also was thinking that these magnets would be harder to swallow if a little Kitten, or Teeny, happened to pull them off. Which at this point would be more a danger for the 2 1/2 year old then the one who can't even crawl yet. As far as being fun, I don't think Teeny cares one way or the other. But I had a blast making them!

Here is a close up of one. Sorry about the bad lighting, my camera was being interesting:

And here is the back. I am very visual, so I like to see all sides of things.
If you study the first picture a little, you will notice the lineup is missing the J T X and Z. Some letters are harder to find then you would think! I could just print them out, but it was fun trying to find letters big enough and interesting enough. Well, those four I would just take if I found them big enough!

Supplies used:
  • Frozen Juice Lids
  • Magnet strips
  • Letters cut from magazines
  • Black paint
  • Yes! Paste (for cutouts, great stuff)
  • Modge Podge to cover (this wasn't necessarily the best choice, but they look very handmade :0)
Since she doesn't seem that interested in them as something to play with, I was happy that we found an impromptu game to play. Since she just learned all her letters and their sounds with the lovely Leapfrog DVD, as she was standing next to the fridge the other dayI asked her to find the letter that makes the "ull" sound. She happily found the "L." Then I asked for the letter that makes the "bu" sound. "Where it is? Where it is? Oh, here Mama" and she handed me the "B." We only did 4 letters, but I was proud of her.