Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm feeling a bit nervous about doing this. Not the meal planning part, but putting a link on the site! I don't get a chance to post all that often... but I'm going to do it so maybe I'll be better about planning. Hopefully putting the plan up Monday afternoon is not too late.

I started meal planning 2 summers ago when we started getting a CSA from a local farm. I had to or it would just rot in our fridge! This summer, being pregnant and then with Kitten being a newborn, well, you know how it goes. So we are back at it.

I plan a month at a time, but don't shop a month at a time. Maybe someday. I just sat down to plan January because I have been stuck at my MILs house for a good portion of the last few weeks due to weather disasters. Makes for a fast month, in a way.

Here is this week:

Monday: Bean Soup (home canned) over rice w/ canned nectarines
Tuesday: Family Night Makeup*
Wednesday: Lasagna (frozen, home made by my mom)
Thursday: Family Night*
Friday: Beef Stew
Shabatt**: Beef Stew

*Family Night: Every Thursday we have Family Night, where we are either eating at my parent's house or my wonderful in-law's house. I try to go early and help the Grandma's make dinner, but it is nice to have one night a week where I am not soley responsible for dinner.

**Shabbat: We observe the Sabbath (Hebrew "Shabbat") from sundown Friday to sundown Sat. During that time, there are two meals I need to prepare for, before sundown on Friday: dinner on Friday and Oneg on Saturday. Oneg means delight, and while every minute of Shabbat is a delight, our congregation (and maybe others?) call the meal we share after service "Oneg." I'm still getting better at making things for this and have found it works nice to make a big pot of soup or something Friday for dinner and to take to service. We don't eat much food yet, even if we are a 4 person family.

Please check out for hundreds, literally, more meal plans!

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Linda said...

Great menu. Sounds yummy.