Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Appropriate Bathroom Decor

I like the idea of having a few decorations here and there, but I am really picky and have a style that even I can't pinpoint. In fact, the colors in our bathroom were inspired by a gift that was meant as a gag.

The Pregnancy Resource Center I interned with before we were married threw me a surprise bridal shower. But we hadn't registered anywhere and apparently they had been trying to get out of me our colors. Like I said, I have a style in my head that I can't even figure out. So one of the wonderful ladies got fed up with me and bought one set towels (bath, hand, washcloth) in the brightest colors she could find. Orange, turquoise and yellow I think. I loved them! We registered for a full set of them, plus bright green.

All that to say, I thought these recycled toilet paper/button flowers (at Plum Pudding) were great decor for a bathroom! So I made one big flower, and one plain button flower and put them in a Oaxacan black clay vase we brought back from our honeymoon to Puerta Vallarta. I wouldn't mind making some more, they were very fun.

Here are a few other trinkets and items in our bathroom. All are from Mexico. Why do I love these colors?! My personality totally doesn't match, but my bright turquoise front-room does :0) Sorry, the flash is kinda washing everything out.

A gift from an American woman while on a 2 1/2 month mission trip in Mexico. She was used to very high class living, and was amazingly brave to spend a week with us smack dab in village life. It was even the week where our bathroom was out of service and we had to use an outhouse that we shared with 100+ kids. Amazingly brave. She was a blessing to us in many ways.

A little box bought by my mom when she came to visit me while I was on that misson trip. She gave it to me for Christmas the next year. I love boxes, don't know why.

A nativity scene from my mom.

My Favorite and I bought these from a lady in Puerta Vallarta on our honeymoon. If I remember right, she was selling them for her brother-in-law and had tables and tables of these tiny paintings under the bridge by the river. They were being sold for too little money and some were quite detailed.

I forget how much I love these little reminders of our time down there, and how pleasing they all are to me. I like my bathroom, as far as liking bathrooms goes!

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