Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Amazing Leapfrog Letter Factory

A says Ahh, A says Ahh every letter makes a sound... A says ahh!

If you've been reading long, you know we are planning to homeschool our children. Both of us are gradated (like that? I truly did not mean to spell it wrong, but think it wouldn't be right to change it. Too ironic) public school kids, public school college students, but we want something different for our kids. Wanting to be purposeful with learning, but not rigid at 2 yrs, I asked My Favorite what he wanted from this year. Teeny has most of her shapes (including "ocagone") down as well as her colors. His biggest thing was the alphabet. Sounds great!

Teeny has known the letters in her name for a while. But just the capital letters and not the sounds. We started using Before Five In A Row curriculum this last fall and although it does not officially go through letters, Homeschool Share has a go along for each book to help you incorporate it. So going into December, Teeny knew the capital (because I forgot about lower case) A, B, C, O, R, S, W and Y. But not the sounds.

Then my mother-in-law asked me to give her ideas for Christmas and I remembered my neice likeing Leapfrog's The Letter Factory. So come Christmas, we got the DVD and have been watching it since.

2 weeks into it and honestly, she knew all the letters, lower case and capitol, and all the sounds. I am not joking. Read the reviews, it isn't just her, although I'm sure she is a genious *smile* If you have anyone in your life trying to learn their letters, here is my recommendation. We have since ordered the 5 pack with all the other Leap DVDs. We shall see if they live up to the first one!

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Jennifer said...

Yes! I agree!

The first time I had heard of this video, a friend told me that her two year old daughter knew all the sounds of the letters.

Yeah, right.

So I questioned her. I was shocked to learn that it was true!

I'd spent many, many hours with flash cards in hand trying to get my older kids to remember them all. Because of this video my #3 and #4 children have known the sounds of every letter from about age 2. I've got another one watching it every once in a while to pick them up too.

I am very much against TV in every other aspect - truly it isn't good for children - but in this case, I am all for it!