Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being Purposeful: A Routine

Recently, I have been really disappointed with my feelings towards “being interrupted” during the day. I don’t want to be like that! I want my kids to come first on my to-do list. I find it difficult since I just started keeping house since Teeny was born. So I’m trying to organize better, to schedule better, to be purposeful with my time and I’m finding my internal feelings are more peaceful then irritated. Praise HaShem!

My first inspiration was a post titled “How to survive summer!” from Five…Under…Foot, a blog I came across in some random blog reading rabbit trail. In it, she gives her summer schedule, and I thought it was worth a try. Here is how I tweaked it for us (to be thrown out when baby comes I’m sure!):


6:30 Mom up, shower, dress, read word, daily chores if possible

7:30/8:00 Teeny Tiny up, start morning routine

9:00 meet at kitchen table, scripture and prayer, and discuss day’s events, then free play if no errands

 (so far, I basically just make sure we are on track for the day)

10:00 Activity/play together

10:30 SNACK

11:00 free play 

12:00 lunch and daily chores

1:00 Nap (sometimes we don’t make it to 1:00)

2:00 SNACK (if she’s awake)

2:30 free play together

4:00 movie time, mom preps dinner, (COOKS if have evening activity)

5:00 De-clutter house, mom makes dinner, (EAT if have evening activity)

5:30 Dinner, Feed dog, (LEAVE if have evening activity)

6:00 KP (EVERYONE does this)

6:30 family time

8:00 prep for/go to bed

I have to be careful with this though. Although I feel much more purposeful with my time when I have a schedule, I am very apt to get irritated if things “mess up” my day. So I’ve got to have a balance here. So far, so good. Having the bold hours be the anchors as she mentioned helps me feel okay about everything else being crazy :0)

NEXT: Activities

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