Monday, June 09, 2008

Sleep deprived

This is day number 2 of Teeny Tiny doing everything she can to keep herself up.

Yesterday, it was nap time and bedtime. She won with nap-time, because it simply got too late to bother. She was miserable by bedtime. So sad! She was crying so hard My Favorite finally, and kindly lay down next to her and held her still while rubbing her head.

Today, we are 1 1/2 hours into nap-time. She has no pants (she took those off beforehand), no socks (she also took those off and was playing), no stuffed animal, no blankets (she had two) and no pillow. I had to get the heater out of the garage because it is something like 57 degrees out in JUNE. With nothing to play with, she ought to go to sleep, right? Nope! There are the bars of the bed and the ever present feet. And as long as you roll from one end to the other, you can't fall asleep.

This is to document our fun experience to see how long it lasts and what we do about it. Right now we are just letting her stay there until the time she normally gets up. She looks so, so tired. I am thankful that today I am not getting that sick "things aren't going my way" feeling, I have much more peace. Nervous that this might take a long time? Yeah. Sad to see her all curled up on a empty mattress? So sad! But oh well!

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