Friday, June 06, 2008

Still Potty Training

So, since we took that 2 week break, we haven't had to change a poopy anything except for a few times. Most of those were either a mistake on my part (not understanding) or like the other day when she had just gone, and suddenly had to go again. We didn't make it that time. It is moments like that when I am reminded how blessed I am to not be doing this parenting thing alone. Praise HaShem for My Favorite and his willingness to be a part of this!

Pee is a whole 'nother ball game though. Teeny Tiny could care less if she is wet. At church last Shabbat she didn't go in her diaper the whole time. But from then on, it didn't matter. I wonder if she reacts to diapers more then wet pants. Doesn't make sense, but, hmm.

Hehehe, if only you could see her face every time she goes on the potty. She is shocked! Not scared, but her head snaps up and her mouth makes an o. "Potty mama!" and then anyone else who is within a block radius.

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