Friday, June 13, 2008


Apparently Teeny is done with naps. Or at least close. I'm really struggling with what that means for my day, especially with a new one on the way. I know God doesn't give more then I can handle, it is just figuring out what of the billion things on my to-do list are things He really wants me to do. As it is, I barely get everything done in a day that is just basic. But His grace is sufficient, so my prayer is that my family can extend some of that grace too. Because I have no idea what I am doing.

After 2 hours of no napping today, I went in with some books. I thought we would read a verse or two of scripture, then some books and see what happened from there. We made it through 1 verse, barley, and 1/2 way through the first book. Then she started flipping the pages backword instead of forward. So I let her have the book. She played with it for a while, then got down and found a ball. She threw the ball on the bed, got up, threw it off, got off, danced in a circle, started all over again. She wasn't interested in me playing, but I suspected all play would end if I left...

Okay, I didn't finish writing down my observations. But HaShem gave me some insight yesterday that I am eager to try out. I was sitting at the park when He brought to my mind that my niece did this "I don't need a nap thing" for a while. Something we thought back then was my niece needed more to do, or needed to use more energy.

Day one at the park and Teeny was out like a light. Hmm, we've got some work to do for this little brain! Here's to trying.

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