Monday, June 30, 2008

My Time, My Servants

In the book, The Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free" the author says that "Years ago, [she] read that the average woman today has the equivalent of fifty full-time servants, in the form of modern, timesaving devices and equipment." Since reading that, every time I get overwhelmed with my to-do list, I think of that. (and I'd love to say it helps me have better perspective, but it is starting to.)

Lets look at my servants. I have someone to:
  • Bring water in the house for cleaning, dishes, cooking, laundry, drinking - the plumbing system
  • Tend my garden, chickens, make my butter and bread, milk my cows - grocery store and their suppliers
  • Wash my clothes - washer and dryer
  • Keep my food preserved, cold, dry - again, food suppliers, fridge, freezer, modern home
  • Keep my family warm or cool - heating system, portable fans
  • Stoke my oven - electric stove
  • Tend to my transportation - car
I am sure there are more I'll need to add. I don't have to have animals, I don't have to can (but do), don't have to bake bread, milk cows, churn butter, make cheese, till a garden, protect produce, have an orchard, cut trees, stack wood, make candles, find oil for lamps, wait for the right weather to travel, make my own music, or clothes, or toys. I have everything I could ever want to learn at my fingertips, I can stay up as late as I'd like thanks to electricity. And yet, I complain about no time!

And I thought the Israelites were whiny. Shame on me.

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