Thursday, June 26, 2008

God Hears, God Answers

I am still working on memorizing verses to use against the lies Satan typically throws at me. Today I was looking at Isaiah 46:10, which is part of a verse. You know how much I love part of a verse! So I opened the whole chapter. God's word is so AWESOME!

The whole chapter is God asking Israel who they would like to compare Him to. The idols they make with their hands? Are they sure? Here is how He compares to them:

The images (idols) of their gods are carried on oxen (v. 1)
God carries His people from womb to their gray haired days (v. 4)
Their gods can't save the burden, going into captivity as the people do (v. 2)
God bears, carries and saves His burden (v. 4)
They hire men to make their gods (v. 6)
God is the one who made His people (v. 4)
Their idols cannot move from where they are placed (v. 7)
God promises His salvation will come to them, He will place it among them (v. 13)
Their idols cannot hear their cries (v. 7)
God hears and answers (chapter 46)

Isn't that amazing? The most amazing part to me is that the Israelites were calling out to these idols, who couldn't hear them and God heard them and God answered. His steadfast love endures forever, amen.

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