Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flying fish

Found this lost in my drafts:

I wanted to try something else out of the Toddler Busy Book the other day, so planned on doing the Flying Fish on pg. 70. It turned out to be really nice here, and that is technically an inside activity. But I took it outside anyway.

The fish are made out of a simple strip of magazine with slits cut in them so they fit together. I wasn't really sure what they did, but it was actually neat. When you drop them, they spin to the ground. Teeny Tiny liked the idea of fish, but after dropping them a few times was more then done with the game.

I will try this again though. I'd like to try it inside, maybe when she is older/taller to see if that helps. And possibly with another kid around, I think that would make it more exciting. Another attempt though!

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